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4 Greek Islands Known for Their Food and Crafts

4 Greek Islands Known for Their Food and Crafts

The islands of Greece are known for many things: incredible beaches, fresh food by the sea, and nightlife that goes on until dawn.

However, did you know that certain Greek islands are particularly well known for specific crafts their residents have perfected? Below are five islands and the crafts they are known for – so if you’re visiting any of these paradise destinations this summer, you know exactly what souvenir to pick up!

Tinos – Basket Weaving 

There is a town in Tinos called Volax, which is famous throughout Greece for two things: its surreal, boulder-laden landscape, and its basket-weaving residents. Though the town only has around 50 permanent inhabitants, many of them are basket-weavers with workshops adjacent to their houses. So stop by Volax to marvel at its alien landscape, historic churches, and gorgeous baskets!

Chios – Masticha

It is still an unsolved mystery why the mastiha tree produces mastiha (mastic) only on the island of Chios and nowhere else in Greece. Mastiha is a resin used for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. The 24 villages in Chios that produce it are the picturesque and aptly nicknamed “Mastihohoria” – definitely worth a visit both for sightseeing and souvenir shopping.

Crete – Paximadi

Paximadia are a common staple of Greek breakfasts and snack food. This crunchy bread-like food is closest to barley rusk, and is used in plenty of Greek recipes, including the traditional “dakos”, where it is mixed with feta, tomato, oregano, and cappari. The best paximadi is made in Crete, so if you are visiting the island for its glorious hiking and beaches, be sure to bring plenty of paximadia for snacks after your afternoon swim or walk!

Syros – Loukoumia

 Aside from the fresh, healthy foods that make up the local Mediterranean diet, Greece is also known for its delectable sweets. The island of Syros especially is famous throughout the country for its loukoumia. These gummy sweets come in a variety of flavors, though the most traditional kind have hints of roses and pistachios. Sit at one of the many portside cafes or restaurants on Miaouli Square and enjoy this famous Syros sweet!


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