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Sail & Hike in Greece

Sail & Hike Cruises in Greece

The Greek islands are known for many things: beaches, sailing, great food, and water sports. However, did you know there are incredible hiking opportunities in the Aegean islands as well?

If you’re visiting in the springtime or fall, and it’s a bit too chilly for the beaches, try these great trails instead. During the summer, you can also access these trails to get some great sunset views.

The Caldera in Nisyros

One of the most mind-blowing hikes in the Aegean is the caldera hike on the tiny island of Nisyros. Wear good footwear, as the terrain can be a little difficult (and hot). Follow the track to the craters of Stefanos and Polyvotis, and take in this otherwordly volcanic landscape.


Explore the Villages of Andros on Foot

The quite large island of Andros has hiking trails connecting most of its charming villages, which can easily be crossed on foot. Explore the island’s valleys and ancient water mills while making your way from one scenic small town to another.

Go Back in History on the Trails of Ithaki

Ithaki, well-known to fans of Greek history and mythology as the Ionian home island of Odysseus, has plenty of hiking trails on its lush landscape. Walk between historic sites related to Trojan War hero Odysseus, and step back in time as you also admire the green landscape and clear turquoise waters below.

Enjoy the Tranquility of Tilos

As a smaller island overlooked by many foreign and Greek tourists, Tilos is the perfect place for travelers seeking some peace and quiet in a great natural setting. The island has dramatic cliff tops jutting out over the sea, and isolated beaches where you can have the beautiful Aegean scenery all to yourself.

Charter one of our Sail in Greece vessels private for your group and our team will design a tailor made itinerary ideal for hiking adventures!

See you on board.



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